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Jim Fuller

Jim Fuller’s experience with weaponry goes back to the early 1980s. From the moment he laid his eyes on an AK47 he became a fan of combloc weapons. During this time, and through to the 1990s, he worked in the PSD world, but continued his constant training in combloc weapons.

Jim has worked as a Rangemaster and Armorer for one of the largest private training facilities in the US. In 2004 he started teaching Combloc Armorers/Operators and Close Range Gun fighting for Suarez International as well as adjunct classes for many other schools. In 2006, he began doing training contracts with combloc weapon systems with various DOD contractors.

Jim Fuller founded Rifle Dynamics in 2007. He started the company with the purpose of producing a line of fighting rifles any person could count their life on.

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Jim Fuller

AK Armorer’s Bench

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AK Armorer’s Bench will give you a thorough understanding of the Kalashnikov platform and its variants. Jim Fuller, one of the foremost experts in the AK design and founder of Rifle Dynamics, takes you through the history of the rifle and then walks you step by step through disassembly, cycle of operation, cleaning the AK, the trigger group and trigger group choices, changing furniture, sights, muzzle devices, trigger guard removal, barrel pin removal, front sight gas block alignment, fitting the safety, scope mounts, rails, and more. After-market parts and modifications are also reviewed in detail. If you run an AK47 or AK74 rifle, this is a must have video that will give you a better understanding of how your rifle operates and how to keep it running in an optimum manner.

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